The Wetness of Water

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In the opening scene there’s a tiny fishy thing being self abused in steamy foreplay of underwater cross species propagation. We’re made to appreciate this woman’s isolation, ...


Created: 22 Dec 2017 / Categories: Uncategorized

  Came a time (it gets confusing here), I stood upon the dais of St. Peter and reckoned I’d be recollecting a life. A life that frankly, at the moment,


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Why do an actual, like, blog writing thing on a commercial photography site? Bad enough most blogs are tilting at turboprops for viewership and who really wants to read the


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Who doesn’t have those earliest of memories that conflate, confound and consolidate that person looking across the rear view mirror. Those fragments of things that surely define what ...

Davey Jones is dead?

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Is there anything more head scratching than “Davy Jones is Dead” on all the news places? If you’re 17, you scratch your head and ask “Davy Jones, the pirate guy

My Year in Film, Pt 1

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It was a dark and stormy… wrong genre, or maybe not. So why am I doing this and how did it start and what’s in it for who(m)? Actually it


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The final scene in Moonlight depicts our once again youthful Chiron looking back toward the audience from along waters edge. Looking back at us from his own beginning with that desperate hope

Metris in the Monongahela

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Sure, sure, it’s a work van, but it just so happens to dovetail nicely with all my other interests. Just a lucky coincidence I guess. So off on a road

My Year in Film, Pt 2

Created: 20 May 2016 / Categories: Uncategorized

The C conundrum. I sit with open Evernote, twice a week, eight a month, fifty six times over seven months. I have nothing to say, ever. What if I missed

The Lobster

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It’s pretty rare you see a film who’s final scene makes you welcome and reject the worst possible outcome for a character you’ve come to despise and admire amongst a