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Metris in the Monongahela

Created: 06 Jul 2017  / Categories: Uncategorized

Sure, sure, it’s a work van, but it just so happens to dovetail nicely with all my other interests. Just a lucky coincidence I guess. So off on a road

My Year in Film, Pt 2

Created: 20 May 2016  / Categories: Uncategorized

The C conundrum. I sit with open Evernote, twice a week, eight a month, fifty six times over seven months. I have nothing to say, ever. What if I missed

The Lobster

Created: 19 May 2016  / Categories: Uncategorized

It’s pretty rare you see a film who’s final scene makes you welcome and reject the worst possible outcome for a character you’ve come to despise and admire amongst a


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Wesley Randall Herron was born in the small town of McArthur Ohio on March 13,1919. Around the world the year 1919 witnessed the formation of the first Politburo in Russia,

My Year in Film, Pt 3

Created: 26 Dec 2015  / Categories: Uncategorized

That’s why.  Needing something more significantly challenging yet temporally forgiving I’d kind of resigned myself to scribbling about film or any other topic that created some synaptic response ...

“Would that t’were so simple”

Created: 25 Dec 2015  / Categories: Uncategorized

“Would that t’were so simple” why we like what we do when we like it. Great line flung from a lesser appreciated film by the Coen Brothers, Hail, Caesar! Granted