Why do an actual, like, blog writing thing on a commercial photography site? Bad enough most blogs are tilting at turboprops for viewership and who really wants to read the insipid mewling of another wannabe that managed to get WordPress installed without becoming a hosting site for russian cat porn? Guess the answer is that I enjoy writing if only occasionally inspired, and a few people have said they enjoy my words (yeah probably about 3, near universal enough) and I felt that having only 3 menu items at the ^top^ of this page kinda sucked, so you dear (non)reader are stuck with (not)clicking through what I have to say.

Main topics will be “movies i like“, “places i’ve been“, “memories i made up” and “ephemera“. I was going to go with “palimpsests” to prove my bona fides but didn’t want to concern those not wishing to “right click” > “look up”. So yeah, I know these topics make everyone breathless to continue so please click on and if something brings an astutely rendered yet opaquely gleaming acknowledgement to your countenance, it’s a good day.